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Professional Services, as we would define it, should be based on the application of highly specialized knowledge and expertise. We are living in volatile times in which information is commoditized through internet sources.Our clients need more than access to data points. Candidly, you can do that for yourselves.

Our senior staff brings thirty plus years of both broad and specialized experience having served as

Development Partner in a regional firm on the East Coast in the ‘70’s
Commercial broker and Shareholder in a brokerage firm in a major urban market in the ‘80’s
Senior Asset Manager for a Private REIT
Portfolio Manager for a high net worth family in the ‘90’s
Managing Director of our Net Lease Group for these last few years
This multi-decade experience base allows us to have a perspective on real estate cycles; the risk and rewards elements of investing; and a healthy measure of caution regarding perceived valuations and the real estate intrinsics which create and sustain value for our clients.We presume to specialize in is Net leased assets which are a niche of the real estate investment market place which afford investors a stable, secure, predictable income streams.  We provide a seasoned, responsible approach to client investment objectives which is highly attuned to taking advantage of current market opportunities; but tempered by seeing the cycles play out in the last thirty years of real estate activity.  We can add value to your investment process.

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